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Patents and technologies in shoemaking

Manufacture of footwear is a sphere of high technologies. These are almost the same technologies that are used in manufacturing smartphones or spaceships. At least, the number of patents received by leading footwear developers is not far behind the high-tech patents. Let's see what unusual technologies can be used inJosef Seibel shoes making.

The first patent for rubber soles (or other synthetic materials) was to solve the problem of airtightness of such materials. The solution developed by the manufactures was based on a combination of three different elements: the lower part (tread) with perforation, the perforated upper part and the membrane permeable to air, but not for water, that is placed between the two elements.

A perforated sole has holes and a special internal breathable and waterproof membrane that allows feet to breathe but does not let moisture in. Thanks to these features of the sole, natural thermoregulation of the feet and an ideal microclimate inside the shoe are provided.

A membrane was invented after numerous studies aimed at creating a microporous membrane capable of extracting warm air to the outside through a perforated sole. Laboratory studies have shown that water cannot penetrate the sole and that the legs remain dry due to the membrane, whose micropores are smaller than a drop of water, but larger than the water vapour molecule.

Advantages of this technology are to prevent overheating of the feet: the gradual removal of moisture from the shoe creates an optimal microclimate for the feet. In winter, the feet remain dry and warm, and in the summer they are dry and cool. The membrane provides an increased level of air permeability and high standards of comfort for shoes with rubber soles

Patent for leather soles

Leather has a porous structure, and two of its properties are related to this. On the one hand, the leather sole allows feet to breathe, on the other hand, it absorbs moisture, and this is its drawback

The purpose of the patent for leather soles was the development of innovative technology that would make the leather soles waterproof without compromising their natural breathable properties.

Patented waterproof leather sole provides for the insertion of a high-tech breathable waterproof membrane that protects against moisture penetration. Thanks to this feature shoes with leather soles can be worn even in rainy weather.

Net Breathing System Patent

A perfect breathable technology. When the Net Breathing System is used, it makes shoes even more breathable and comfortable, providing natural thermoregulation and optimal microclimate for the feet.

The Net Breathing System provides maximum air permeability across the entire surface of the sole. The traditional rubber sole is replaced by a system with a supporting side frame and a protective net (hence the name Net), which, together with a special membrane placed in the part of the sole or on its entire surface (full-size membrane), allows the feet to breathe. At the same time, it prevents the penetration of water and dust.

The tests carried out in the research laboratories show how the Net Breathing System can remove evolved volatiles both with and without physical exertion.

System Net Breathing System provides holes in the sole, which in combination with a full-sized membrane significantly enhances the breathing properties of shoes. The protective net and special additional layer provide reliable protection of the feet even in exposed parts of the sole, without interfering with the removal of excess heat.

Softness, thermoregulation and an incredible feeling of lightness - these are the main characteristics of any shoe styles. Perforated outsole made of soft polyurethane creates a pleasant sensation of foot breathing and ease of movement.

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