About us

Appro Crewing Agency is a highly qualified, dynamically developing licensed crewing company. We cooperate with more than a dozen Ship Owners and Managers from different countries. We offer interesting vacancies, official employment, stable high income , work at sea on a permanent basis. There’s an effective working relationship, both at sea on board ships and on shore projects, which in turn guarantees quality service for our valued Clients.

Working with Us

Our goal is to provide a seaman and his family with social insurance.
In Appro Crewing Agency individual approach to each our clients, excellent career opportunities, career prospects, long-term work in the company. Cooperation with the world’s leading shipping companies, short contracts with timely replacements. Our quality system confirm the requirements of ISO 9001. Be assured that our team can provide efficient working relations both at sea on board ships and on shore projects, which in turn guarantees quality service for our esteemed Clients. Safety, preservation of the environment, responsibility and quality of services are key elements of our business philosophy.

Our Values

We are committed to the health and safety of our employees, clients and partners, and to behaving with environmental responsibility. We focus on assuring the safety of everything we design, construct, operate and maintain.
We are cost-conscious and manage our risks effectively. We continually seek opportunities to grow our business and to create value for our shareholders.
We behave responsibly in all our business relationships.


  • We always look for better ways to meet our clients’ needs through continuous improvement. We build on our past experiences and embrace innovation.
  • We set ourselves challenging targets to deliver a superior performance and to exceed our stakeholders’ and client’s expectations.
  • We are proud of our business and track record, and our reputation and integrity are important to us. We work with rigor and transparency to ensure we are the preferred contractor of choice.


  • We build trust with each other, our clients, partners, suppliers, investors and the communities in which we work.
  • We aim to attract and retain premium staff for our business and ensure they are empowered to carry out their duties safely and effectively. We value the diversity of our employees and provide an environment where everyone can perform to their full potential and be rewarded for delivering excellence.

Countering corruption

Every seafarer is faced with the question of choosing a reliable employer who guarantees not only timely payment of wages, regular shifts, safe and comfortable working conditions, but also careful consideration in employment, which is also important. We have a transparent career strategy, compliance with all the rules and regulations in the anti-corruption legislation. You will agree that there are not many companies with the utmost attention and professional approach. The Appro Crewing Agency brings to the attention of seafarers a number of innovations that will only encourage longer and more fruitful cooperation. Now the seaman will feel a strong shoulder and support of the employer not only during the work, but also during the holiday.

Services for seafers

  • implementation of visa support;
  • registration of flag documents;
  • train and plane tickets, transport;
  • training and instruction for landing;
  • social assistance to the crew;
  • payment of wages and related allowances.

Our advantages

  • prospects for promotion;
  • excellent career opportunities;
  • long-term work in the company;
  • attractive salary package;
  • fresh and modern fleet;
  • individual approach.